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when the stereo type has become absolutely ridiculous i guess it's time to change
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new site - new work

this works best on fast connections

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» IT'S (kinda sorta) FINISHED!

"Self Portrait in Yellow: Tongue In Cheek." Completed(?) Yesterday, Acrylic on Panel.
» New from Chrome Peeler Records
M. KOURIE "The Dreams of..." cd is available from Chrome Peeler Records for $9.

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M. Kourie is the solo ambient project of Nathan Berlinguette, who is also known for his work in Creation Is Crucifixion, 5/5/2000 and his record label, Daft Alliance. This is his debut as a solo artist.

Recorded at Louder Studios in San Francisco by Tim Green (Fucking Champs), THE DREAMS OF M. KOURIE is a compilation of random interpretations of dreams rather than an album with a single theme. Each song was recorded using different techniques at different times.

Most of the foundation work was done using a guitar and a sampler. While M. Kourie was originally conceived as an ambient music project comprised entirely of black metal samples, the idea was jettisoned in favor of original material and sounds. However about 100 black metal samples were used thoughout the album although its impossible to recognize any of them as they are buried in drones.

Also appearing on the album are Tim Green (The Fucking Champs), Tomo and Ryan Unks (Creation Is Crucifixion, Circadia).

Next for M. Kourie is scoring an experimental remake of the classic adult film BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR and touring the US in Fall 2006.
» freebies!
all sales over $5 in my shop this week will also recieve some freebies: handpainted mixtapes, and one inch pinback buttons!
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